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Eu armory is a database for the World of Warcraft game. Eu, from Eu armory, refers to Europe. By searching the database, you can find almost real time data pulled from the World Of Warcraft servers. It’s the most comprehensive database of its kind that you can find. It automatically updates itself after the player logs out. It doesn’t offer specific Buy wow gold real time characteristics that change from moment to moment. Its main purpose is to provide a library of characters, groups and guilds in a user friendly way.

Search the World of Warcraft Eu armory and find information on:

#1: Characters

Only the characters of level 10 or more are displayed. A large chunk of the WoW characters have levels of less than 10. By displaying only the most advanced characters, the costs of serving this valuable information for free are much lower.

#2: Groups

There are 2 types of groups in World Of Warcraft: party and raid.

A party allows to a group of characters to communicate via chat. They also can share experience points. And they can divide among them the loot they got from the mobs they killed. Loot is an item that remains after you kill a mob. And a mob is a character that wonders around in the World of Warcraft world. It doesn’t belong to any of the factions. It’s main purpose is to be killed.

A party can have up to 5 members. It has a leader who can remove members from the party. Eu armory shows all of the guilds. A raid is a way to have parties of more than 5 members. A raid can have up to 40 players divided in 8 parties of 5 players each. While you are part of the raid you don’t get credit for completing a quest unless the quest allows for a raid.

#3: Guilds

Guilds are ways to form more easily groups and raids. It’s an association of player characters. You can get freebies; play stages of the games too difficult for a lonely player, share adventures and much more. You can also get other players to do the hard work you don’t like. It works on the same principle as the division of labor in our society.

#4: Items

Showing the characteristics of the items is probably the most valuable feature of the World Of Warcraft Eu armory. You can see what rewards you will get for wearing an item. You can also find out where you can get it and from whom. It comes handy when you are searching for a specific item.

#5: Faction rewards

A faction is a tribe, clan or group of characters that are together because of their common ideology. They can be neutral or be part of the alliance or horde. Each of the factions has their specific spells and items.

The Eu armory is also a great way to show off your character to other World of Warcraft players. You require a level of 10 or more to be able to do this. World of Warcraft Eu armory is an important and useful tool. Take often advantage of its power.


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