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Pepper Sprays are considered to be among the most popular as well as effective self-defense products in the marketplace today. They are non-lethal, easily employed by everybody and can provide fast and effective defense against an assault. However, just as is the case with any tool, it is important to understand making use and limitations of pepper apply when planning its use into your personal and property protection plan.

To understand the use of pepper apply, it would be useful to know the product itself. Originally, defensive sprays were made from manmade chemical irritants. Commonly referred to as CS (orthochlorobenzalmalonitrile), CN (alphachloroacetaphenone) or grab gas, these sprays caused irritation to the mucous walls. This resulted in getting of the eyes and painful pain of the eyes, nose and tonsils. Unfortunately, these were also considered to be difficult to rely on for general use.

They had several major drawbacks that  спрей could cause complete failure. If suited for a person at the top of drugs, intoxicated, suffering from or experiencing certain types of psychotic behavior or otherwise being unable to interact with pain, it was possible that these sprays would have no influence on the attacker at all! They also took up to 30 seconds to take effect. Even a few seconds appears to be like forever when involved in an attack. And if you’re dealing with one of those people the apply would ultimately have no influence on… well, you’re in trouble!

Additionally, there have been reports of health problems associated with the use of CS and CN. The effects from the use of these sprays take longer to wear off and the remains can last for days. There have been reports of toxic reactions, long-term skin problems and both of these chemicals have been defined as possible cancerous carcinogens.

Luckily, I think mother nature provided a solution. OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) has proved to be far more effective than either CS or CN alone and should be the only defensive apply considered for personal self-defense. OC is a natural chemical derived from various hot pepper plants and, as a result, accounts for the now popular name of pepper apply. There are a number of products that combine OC with CS or CN that may have some advantages according to their manufacturers but haven’t been proved to be more advanced than OC only products.

What makes OC so effective is that it is an inflammatory agent rather than an irritant. If you’ve ever eaten a hot pepper or perhaps rubbed your eyes after cutting up a pepper for a recipke, you are fully aware of the fire that pepper oil is capable of producing. When you were sprayed with OC, the effects are powerful and immediate. First, the inflammatory nature of OC causes the assailant’s eyes to violently clamp closed, making it difficult if not impossible to open the eyes. At the same time, OC works to dilate the capillaries of the eyes causing temporary blindness in the event that the attacker copes with to open their eyes.

Since OC also checks the breathing, the attacker will experience intense, huge breathing problems due to the effects OC has on the tissue of the mouth, nose, tonsils and bronchi. These effects are powerful enough an attacker will often double over and fall to the ground allowing the victim the opportunity to escape. While temporary, these effects are nearly completely debilitating and OC works well on people immune to chemical irritant sprays as previously mentioned.

OC pepper sprays are available in a number of products and levels. The “hotness” of pepper apply is measured in Scoville Heat Units (SHUs) and will generally come in levels of 1%, 5%, or 10% solutions. You should know that the percentage of OC is not necessarily the full consideration to make when choosing a product. For instance, a product derived from Jalapeno peppers may have a SHU rating of 5000 while a Habanero based product may have a SHU rating all the way to 300, 000! Obviously, a 10% solution of the Jalapeno based product will still not be as powerful or effective as a 1% Habanero based product! So watch the SHU rating and go from there.

Another consideration to make is the apply pattern of the product you get. Pepper Sprays are generally manufactured in sauna, mist or haze type sprays. All have pros and cons. In a technical sense, foggers are the most effective. They produce an ultra fine mist that envelopes an attacker and renders them dependent. The haze will hang in the air for a few moments creating a barrier that enables the victim to escape. Foggers are also the most effective products for use in the house because of this barrier creating feature. Foggers are competent against multiple attackers, will work well in breezy conditions and have a range of up to 20 feet.

Mists have a wide apply pattern and can stop an attacker in one or two hours steps. However, they generally have the smallest apply range, most averaging in the 5 to 8 foot range but some having as little as 4 to 6 feet. That’s pretty close! A person will have to take direct and aggressive action when using a mist product for it to be effective against an attacker. Wind conditions can also limit the use of this product. If sprayed into the wind the effective range can be shortened considerably and can even cause the apply to blow back onto the victim. Mists are generally small key ring type sprays and those purchasing these products need to know the product must be carried where it can be accessed in an emergency and that they must apply and move away quickly.

A sauna apply tends to be the least effective as the OC is not released as effectively as a mist or haze. However, a stream apply has a good range, up to 20 feet. You will need some extent of accuracy hitting the head of an attacker for the stream to be fully effective. Channels are not greatly affected by years and hardly ever will come back giving you if sprayed into the wind. Variations of stream sprays include foam and gel type sprays. The thick foam or gel makes it safer to see if you’ve hit your target by staying with the skin and when the attacker tries to wash the material off their face, the effects are become more intense.

All apply types come in a number of sizes that range from 1/2 oz to 4 oz containers. Most of these will have different carrying options such as key rings, belt videos, and pocket or purse models and are available with hard or soft cases. Larger sizes are around for specific uses such as home defense and crowd control. Popular brands include Mace, Wildfire, and Pepper Shot pepper sprays. Additional products available include hand weights with built-in pepper apply for power walkers and joggers, dog repellant sprays and bear repellant sprays for campers and walkers that may encounter wild dangers. Some pepper sprays should include UV dye in their method as an help in the identification of an attacker.

Pepper sprays may be good alternatives to keeping weapons for self-defense and house security. Many households have weapons and with good reason behind closed doors. But for a weapon to be effective, all family members must understand its handling and use and that may be an area of concern. There are hundreds of awful stories of children who found tools and wiped out themselves or someone else. There are random shootings when rifle owners who do not handle their tools on a regular basis become subjects of simple mistakes while handling their guns. Often times, there are just a few family members that are proficient in their rifle handling skills. This improves the chances that another family member or child may think they have rifle handling skills when, literally, they don’t. Again, increasing the chance of a disaster in the house.

For some people, as it pertains because of the likelihood of having to kill a home intruder, they may don’t you have the fortitude necessary to pull the trigger. This, too, may increase the possibility of a fatal outcome… yours! For those who do not own guns or have limited experience with the tools they do own, pepper apply is a reliable and effective alternative home defense weapon. If pepper apply is mistakenly suited for family members, friend or curious child, while the experience will be unpleasant, there is little chance of suffering any permanent consequences or death.

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