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The debate whether coffee is a health benefit or health risk has been going on since the day this savoury brew was initially discovered. Subsequently there have been suspect studies that keep appearance which are more confusing then helping. If one study suggests that drinking coffee is good for you, pop comes the other one saying that it is not safe to drink coffee. So what do you do? χρυση λιρα τιμη μαυρη αγορα Do you stop drinking coffee because a study says it is not good for you or do you keep drinking it because earlier you read that it is said to be good for your health? Either ways you are being dependent on the information which keeps changing and keeps resurfacing either in a journal or a newspaper or on the internet.

So what should a person who loves his or her coffee do? Stick to an individual can choice or pay attention to the study that says that drinking coffee is not good for one’s health. As a coffee lover myself, I have awakened to the fact that it is best to follow my heart. If you love coffee you should drink it and if you don’t then don’t start drinking it because you read anywhere that it is good for health. Similarly you should not stop drinking it because some study suggests that it is bad for your health. So whether coffee is a health benefit or a health risk is a matter of personal belief. If you believe that it is a health risk it will affect you that way and if you think it is a health benefit then the result changes.

Personally, I find myself that coffee is a health benefit. Why? Simply because it uplifts my mood, cures my headaches, and is a source of antioxidants — component needed to avert cardiovascular diseases.

That is a very layman approach to the topic. However there are some scientific reasons as well and although there have been suspect research and findings related to coffee and one such research has proved that coffee does has disease fighting properties thus lowering the risk of certain diseases like Type II diabetes, Parkinson’s and colon cancer.

This apart, it is a common knowledge that coffee contains caffeine which acts as a stimulant and it is for this reason people consume it in the morning and when they are feeling tired. Students also declare by this brew throughout their examinations and night time study sessions. People in the night time changes also feel alert after having a cup of coffee.

Apparently there are more health benefits of drinking coffee than there are risks and coffee lovers all over the world are a happy lot after learning that there are more health benefits of drinking coffee. And which will be another topic altogether.

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